Tamara was introduced to meditation early in life by her father, a medical doctor and Ayurvedic practitioner who learned Transcendental Meditation from Maharishi in the 1970’s.  Life events led her to a deeper practice in 2010, which resulted in a two-month pilgrimage to India.

In 2013, along side her career as a indie film producer, she founded the “BE Society” in New York – a recurring meditation held in lofts, galleries and rooftops around the city.  It spread to other parts of the world, becoming a global network of meditators. 

In 2016 she opened the “BE Hive” in Los Angeles – a 7,000 square foot urban sanctuary with 13 bedrooms, a store, regular programming  and wellness treatments.  

Now Tamara focuses her energy on teaching meditation, creating wholistic lifestyle training programs, guiding inward and outward explorations internationally for private clients, speaking and consulting with socially conscious companies and individuals.  When she is not sharing her practice, Tamara is traveling the world – studying plant medicine and helping efforts related to protecting and restoring the environment.