Bonnie wright    Film Actress, Director, Activist

Bonnie wright

Film Actress, Director, Activist

“The first time I was ever lead in meditation was with Tamara five years ago. At the time I was terrified to try anything that I didn’t fully understand but her approachable and encouraging nature enabled me to step into the unknown. She introduced me to different techniques and helped me find one that resonated with me. She empowered me to explore that further on my own and with other teachers. This is a practice I have been in love with ever since."

Gerald Forster    Founder, WelcomeEarth.tV

Gerald Forster

Founder, WelcomeEarth.tV

“Tamara is one of the first original voices in the new world of meditation. She is a brilliant meditation teacher and a strong community builder.  Her strength lies within her ability to teach at the large scale corporate level or in a simple one to one sitting. I’m proud to walk with her as a friend and colleague, through this new collective mindful awakening.”

Ali Yarkhan    Global Nomad and Documentary Filmmaker

Ali Yarkhan

Global Nomad and Documentary Filmmaker

 "I have arrived, I am home", was the exact feeling I experienced when I first sat down with Tamara, years ago after my 10 years on and off practice of meditation. Those were very confusing times for me as I just left a huge corporate job in the fashion industry in search of the holistic life. Being with the like-minded community of the BE Society helped me tremendously on my journey for a spiritual life."

Dena Hammerstein    Broadway Producer

Dena Hammerstein

Broadway Producer

“I was lucky enough to be introduced  by my son, Simon, to Tamara Edwards who gave me the wonderful  gift of meditating....I am now a firm believer that it is not only restorative but also illuminating. So thank you Tamara.”

Sibyl Buck    Model, Musician, Yoga Teacher

Sibyl Buck

Model, Musician, Yoga Teacher

“I’ve known Tamara Edwards for almost a decade, during which time I’ve seen her be a catalyst for community connection across the country and even internationally, starting a nomadic meditation gathering, the Be Society in LA, San Francisco, NY and London. Tamara is someone who no matter what the setting is constantly creating connection between people. With a playful smile she suggests a game, or a collaborative effort or a communal meal, and before you know it, strangers are friends.”

Talia Eisenberg    Entreprenuer

Talia Eisenberg


"Tamara is a beautiful soul and seeker who can see deeply, and listen even deeper. She asks important questions and reminds us all that anything is possible and that life is precious. Through deep reverence tamara shows us how to calm our spirit while inspiring us to take a bite out of life and live full throttle without fear."

Bevin Butler    Lawyer, Fashion Designer

Bevin Butler

Lawyer, Fashion Designer

"I love meditation with Tamara. She always helps deepen my practice with her presence. She has an ability to bring people together for community in and around meditation which makes meditation with her go from a solid practice to downright fun! I give a huge thumbs up to T and her work and am sticking with her on this magical journey we are all on. "

Nicole Patrice De Member    Entrepreneur

Nicole Patrice De Member


"Through my meditation practice, I am able to stay centered throughout the day, in even high pressure situations, and that allows me to push myself further and succeed. This is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and in turn all the change that your work have on the world. "